New generation FM screening technology adds value with the complete elimination of moiré, and better color saturation. TAFFETA20 FM screening goes farther than ordinary FM screening by reducing unevenness and graininess and also improved printing adaptability.


Elimination of moire and visible rosette structure:
Unlike conventional AM dot shapes, Taffeta screening has no uniform dot structure and therefore produces no visible rosette or subject based moire patterns.

Second Order FM Screening Technology:
Unlike first order FM sceening technologies that use a pseudo-random placement of equal size small dots, Taffeta employs the use of variable dot size and shape. This improves printability whilst reducing noise.

Printing with more than 4 colours:
The lack of uniform screen angles and rulings also facilitates the application of printing technologies that use more than 4 colours.

Improved rendition of fine image and linework detail:
The fine dot structure of Taffeta enables exellent rendition of detail and produces sharp edges to half tone text and graphics.

Enhanced printability with minimal graininess:
Due to the extremely fine dot structure many FM screening technologies can cause problems in the press room. Fujifilm's graininess optimisation algorithm makes Taffeta easy to print whilst minimising graininess.

Improved primary / secondary colour saturation:
Due to the increased optical dot gain in FM screens, Taffeta enhances saturation in primary and secondary colours which can reduce ink consumption and increase the colour gamut of the printing process.

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