Professional desktop scanner "Lanovia Quattro" that incorporates Fujiflm’s unique Super Linear Quadline CCD, multi-lens, and X-Y scanning technology offers high resolution, superior quality scans with very high productivity.


Unrivalled plate production at 175lpi for visible light CTP:
Customers needing to produce plates at 175lpi without the normal overheads of larger file sizes and lower productivity can benefit from Fujifilm's Co-Res screening. Through the use of intelligent screening algorithms and the ability of visible light CTP systems to image significantly faster at lower resolutions, 175lpi commercial colour print can be imaged at 1219dpi. Luxel P-9600CTP users can now produce up to 43 B1 plates per hour at 175lpi.

Thermal CTP users achieve the highest quality and remain productive:
Customers with Luxel 'T' series platesetters can now image at 300lpi without the need to increase their imaging resolution to 4000dpi. Imaging at 2400dpi allows them to maintain an optimum level of productivity whilst achieving the highest quality print.

Unique technology delivers both increased productivity and quality:
The screen ruling greatly affects the quality of printed matter. For example, images printed at higher screen rulings have higher definition. Traditionally however, the output resolution must also be raised in accordance with the higher screen ruling in order to maintain a full gradation. Increasing the output resolution also increases the amount of data, resulting in longer times from ripping to output. Co-Res screening is a revolutionary screening technology that enables printing at high screen rulings using low output resolutions. The use of conventional linescreens avoid press calibration and print issues experienced with other screening technologies available in the market.

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